UI/UX Designer, Product Manager

Orem/Provo, UT

Having studied Industrial Design at Brigham Young University and completing a variety of cooperative projects with a number of companies that included Texas Instruments, Oster, Ford Motor Co., and Chrysler, I developed a keen sense of empathy for their respective user personas and an understanding that there is an important connection between the things we design and the users that use them.

While continuing to study Industrial Design and Transportation Design at BYU, I started teaching computer-aided design to my industrial design peers in the College of Design, and became employed as a technical illustrator in the software industry.  Through a combination of my studies, teaching, and work experience, my career took a rewarding turn towards software development and becoming the user advocate  in a rapidly growing software industry.

From the command line interface, the world-wide-web, mobile devices, and now to video streaming platforms, I continue to drive towards solutions that recognize the ‘human factor’ in software design and development.

Today, I strive to impart that empathy to software developers and user experience designers through everything that I do and on every project that I am assigned. I enjoy the tough challenges that relate to the problems I’m given to resolve through the user experience.  I focus on the practical with solutions that delight through transparent design.

I love to build things and to learn new and rewarding ways to accomplish the seemingly impossible. In addition to my professional interests and accomplishments, my home shop is a place where I can explore and use technology and traditional woodworking tools and methods to further develop and leave my heritage with family and friends.