MY Projects

The Shop is my Happy Place. I enjoy designing and making furniture and other projects that bring joy to those who receive them.  

Custom woodworking Designs

  • Dresser for Charlie
  • Dresser for L
  • Tardis Office Door
  • Mantel Shelf

CNC Woodworking

  • P & J Letters
  • Standup Desk
  • Rocking Chair
  • Toy Wheels

Shop Projects

A small shop needs to be organized, dust free, and provide a safe working environment with tools that get the job done.  I’ve always got some project in the works, and as of now, I’m working on building a new CNC Router. Besides the CNC Router, I’ve started two other projects, a 2×48″ Belt Sander/Grinder, and a 48″ Brake for bending sheet metal.